Removal of suspended substances in tap water

Removal of activated oxygen and supply of minerals

Two-step water purification function

Removing residual odor and improving water taste

How can we prevent active oxygen(toxic oxygen)?

Time magazine's top ten superfoods are among antioxidants, but in modern medicine,

hydrogen is stealing the spotlight as the most ideal antioxidant.

 Why is Hydrogen water the most ideal antioxidant?

Hydrogen, the smallest element in the universe (atomic number 1), recognized as an antioxidant without side effects because it has excellent body penetration rate, is rapidly absorbed, and is discharged as water when in contact with active oxygen.

The Secrets of Water 
in the World's Four Miracles

The secret of miraculous health

Lourdes water


6 million people visit a year, and 66 cases including kidney cancer, general paralysis and cancer were cured. 
(Unofficial about 7000 cures)

Nordenau water


Nordenau abandoned spring water in Germany. Chernobyl radioactive contamination Leukemia child cure. Many healing, such as diabetes. Dr. Gatteck announced Nordenow phenomenon

Nadana water


Nadana village well water in India. Eye disease, severe skin disease, polio, etc.
Oriental healing spots that more than 500,000 people find each year



Mexico Tracote Well. 80% of various diseases such as back pain, nerve palsy, diabetes, uterine cancer are improved. Michael Jordan is known for his AIDS healing. 8 million people visit.

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