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I usually do business activities, so I spend a lot of time outdoors.I also have a lot of sweat on my job so I have to suffer from athlete's foot more than anyone else.It was itchy and it could not be scratched by hand, it just seemed crazy.I was worried about my friends, I bought them and bought them. But then it worked for a while.I always had sweat on my feet so I had to change my socks 2-3 times a day.In severe cases, some blisters were scattered between the toes, and when I came home, I smelled badly on my feet.I eventually found a hospital, but my condition was severely worsened, so I could use an oral antidoteI did not have the usual stomach.Finally, the hospital director recommended that you wash your feet with magnetized water.From that time, I took a cold pot of water in the basin and washed it for about 10 minutes every day.About a week later, I felt the effect of magnetized water.I felt that my athlete 's foot was healing a little bit.I've been doing it about 20 days in the same way.The two claws that seemed ugly disappear and new claws begin to beneath.Are not you surprised? The use of oral antifungal agents usually lasts for about 6 months and can be used to treat diabetic foot ulcers.A claw or a nail athlete needs patience to heal.However, if you wash your feet with magnetized water, you will be able to see effects in a short period of time rather than 6 months. If you have athlete's foot, you can wash it with magnetized water.
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I was hired as an intern at Hanyang University in May of 1987,I did not know, but about six months after I worked at the hospital, I had an irregular papule in my mouth.Itchy, three-way prayer was very annoying.It may be because of the strength of the training process and it was hard to make balanced nutrition.But now, when I think of it, I worked at a local health center before working for the water lily,I always drank clean cold water, but as I came out of the city, I drank the water that was boiled everyday.In other words, drinking the living water and drinking the dead water.The cause of the disease (stomatitis) is still not clear yet, but the lack of vitamins,The same bacteria or excessive stress.A lot of people know a lot ** Ointment, such as drugs used in the ointment is a plausible remedyIt will look, but it is virtually ineffective or insignificant.That's because, as soon as the ointment is applied to the mouth, it quickly dissolves and disappears without a trace.Of course, stomatitis is not uncommon. Although it is medically grounded,The effect is not much. I also bought ointments several times and put them in my mouth, and I tried to put them on, but it quickly disappeared.It was not used after it was judged.It's because you're throwing away money.Stomatitis is common in many people. Even if I am a little tired, I get nervous as soon as it comes out in my mouth.Usually, once a stomatitis occurs, it lasts from one week to ten days, but most of the time,I do. If you are still in a busy world like these days, I get a lot of stress.This tired and troublesome stomatitis can now be relieved easily.We make magnetization treatment facility in water pipe, store this water in refrigerator,Just put it in your mouth and rinse it.If you do that, you will not feel the itch or thrush stimuli very much.In the case of me, I lived with the entrance for about six years, but I completely relieved it with miracle water called Jahwa-suWe recommend you with confidence.Now, I drink the pottery every day and it is almost impossible for me to come in.Occasionally stomatitis occurs, but the itchiness or sore phenomenon is much less than in the past and often rinsed with magnetized waterNaturally, the unpleasant sensation disappears naturally.Also, the magnetite's anti-inflammation and disinfection effect can not be seen clearly.In tap water and bottled water, there is no antiseptic effect.I hope that all of you will not have to worry about the painful stomatitis of simple magnetized water without having to cum on your hands.
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I can not help but be surprised. I am 68 years old and I have been suffering from constipation since I was young, but the gratitude of Jahwa - su is really too much to say. Despite having eaten over 20 years of good medicine, constipation has become so severe that I have to buy prescription drugs in pharmacies if I have to see them about once a week. Constipation is severe, sometimes my head was sickly and sick, and my stomach was so heavy that I did not want to eat rice. No matter how good the children prepare their food, they did not get any appetite. I did not eat a bowl of delicious bibimbap, so I can not tell the pain. Perhaps someone who has ever experienced a constipation that is a constipated constipation will understand my feelings. It's been 30 years since I've been suffering from constipation ... I can not talk to other people coolly. I should have been sick inside. I was tired and tried to sleep, but the belly seemed to burst out. Also, the upper wing was so thick that I could not sleep well, so the fatigue was cumulative and my body was heavier like a blanket. Ten years ago, I went to the oriental clinic, where I was able to tolerate pearls. I asked the director to treat the constipation. I had to supervise the chief several times so that the constipation would be better. I heard the story of the people around me to treat the constipation, so all the people who had to do a lot of cleaning was worse, so I went to the clinic two or three times, but did not go anymore. After that, I had to go to the pharmacy again to buy some medicine and now I had to take strong medicine because the medicinal effect was not effective. However, after taking the medicine, as if scraping the captain, Afro diarrhea came out without a try and went to the bathroom without a lot of time. The pain was so severe that I could not eat it, so I had to stop the medicine and eat the perilla oil, but it had no effect. I've tried everything that I really have to cure, but one did not work. It is miraculous for me to come to me with great joy, like the old saying, "Gimcheon". When the director of the hospital near the house told me that drinking water called "Jaffa" would make a difference, I did not think that the water was fixing the constipation at first, but seriously, I do not believe it 's the truth, let' s believe it, "and began to drink the water with a strange machine in the capital. The tap water smelled of chlorine and I could not drink it, but after putting on the magnetized water, the water had already passed smoothly through my neck and I put it in the refrigerator to cool down and drink several cups. I was so happy that a fart came out neatly at dawn the next day. The director asked me to drink two cups of magnetized water at dawn and to drink a cup of magnetized water before bedtime. At first, the family was surprised to fart. I was not ashamed to be foolish or rather proud of being a fool, but as the day went, the stools changed from the original black color to the yellowish golden feces. I did not know water was good for treating constipation like this. I am grateful and thank you for Jonghwa, who has treated my constipation, which has been suffering for 30 years. Of course, I thank God for letting me know and get this water before that.
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I was over 70 and I used to drink alcohol as a journalist in the past.I was so tall that the others were stronger like a business, so my height was small but my physique was good.My friends always say that they have a good color but I did not like it, but as we get older,I was worried. When I was young, I kept almost 65kg at all times.I did not care about my weight. By the way, weight has increased to 80 kg recently.Everyday I woke up at dawn and climbed to the back of the mountain,I was not able to lose weight.After much ingenuity, I almost cut off my favorite meat and managed my weight.By the way, it is worse that weight increase and hypertensionI was worried very much when I heard the story of a hospital doctor.I was troubled to cut off my favorite drink.'How can I end a delicious drink if I die when I die? Eating and dead ghosts are good,I have a little liquor though, but I ate it with high blood pressure medicine while still eating.I went to the hospital once a month and kept the blood pressure at around 180 / 120mmHg.Weight loss is almost non-existent state was almost giving up well knownThe director of the hospital said, "Eat something called water, which is effective in weight loss."I encourage you. It was not hard to get magnetized water, and if you just attach magnetized water to the faucetIt was completely different from tap water.I recently bought a water purifier and used it, but it was irrelevant to healthI just ate tap water and smelled goats and used it.I have a seat. I drank about one week of magnetized water and went to climbing everyday. I went to the bathroom and weighedWeight decreased to 72 ㎏. I did not say, I asked the owner of the bathroom a few times about the correct weight.I believe it was amazing. I lost weight by about 8 kilograms in a week, but I can not help being surprised.Would you mind? I am thankful to the director who introduced me to this fact. "Of course, hypertension will also be controlled. "
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