Effect of Plumbing Cleaner


Pipe Cleaning Method

By repeatedly injecting environmentally friendly water that went through the “magnetic water treatment equipment” developed by Clean Water System Co., Ltd. and compressed micro-bubbles into the plumbing, rust and scale are eliminated by the impact created by the contraction and expansion of the air layer.


Necessity of Pipe Cleaning


Extending the life of piping systems and improving thermal efficiency

With only one-time treatment, extend the life of plumbing and reduce fuel cost in the house


Legislation of obsolete piping management

In accordance with Article 23, Paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Rule of the Waterworks Act, pipe cleaning shall be carried out every two years after completion test.


Prevention of direct loss due to corrosion and scale

The direct loss due to corrosion and scale of the piping accounts for 4-5% of the national GNP. Plumbing management is required to prevent this.


Difference from existing method

Exisitng method
Clean Water Sytem's method
Main Features of Construction Method 
Clean Water System

Restoring Method

Installs scale removal and corrosion inhibiting equipment in existing piping

(After installation, maintain plumbing by forming a passive film inside)

Cost: About ₩700 million 

Period: About 1 month

Pipe replacement work
Remove existing plumbing
(Complete replacement with stainless steel or copper pipes)
Cost: About ₩2400 million
Period: More than 6 month
Epoxy lining Method
Cleaning of existing pipe with high pressure using cutting and silica
(coat the interior with paint to form a protective film)
Cost: About ₩1800 million
Period: More than 3 month

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