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Start-up business without store, "Clean Water System". Appeared on TV shows.

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[Today Korea = Kim, Do - Hoon News] corrosion inhibiting device (the magnetization manipulation), a company specializing Co. Clean Water Systems (NYSE songgibung) Mr. channel A plus entertainment programs muscular gag woman Kim Hye-sun in "suspicious personnel cow 'that has emerged as a daily laborer Said.


June 29 broadcast a variety program muscular gag woman Kim Hye-sun said the "suspicious personnel cows' did it in good faith from the magnetization manipulation packed with features such as rust inhibition and scale removal from the Clean Water Systems office to begin home plumbing cleaning business.


The vendor is reportedly off the rust removal and cleaning professional plumbing company with a patented technology, in particular, to put compressed air and having passed through the pipe in a special broadcast of magnetized water pipe cleaning method for removing rust and scale is eye-catching. The clean water system's lime and plumbing business can remove liquor through a patented pipe cleaner provided by Clean Water System, without any special expertise. It is also known that the main product, Jahwa Handy Distribution Business, can be established without a store. A related person of Clean Water System said, "The future of the pipe cleaning market is very bright, since houses and apartments over 5 years after completion should be periodically washed and rust removal every two years. as a company to clean the pipe with a patented environmentally friendly process without the use of drugs may at headquarters during start-up and support the pipe cleaning method and technology education pre founder because they provide exclusive rights to the local dealer share for the flagship magnetization manipulation operations "It's a good response." Followed by "can be the foundation for a nominal capital of less than 10 million won has been attracting attention as start-up items, and also the advantages of a continuous income due to replace the filter with additional hydrogen generating water stream water purifier (hydrogen manipulation), which is installed as a generation, non-store entrepreneurship So it is possible for employees to start business in the form of a tug-of-war ". Source:

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