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Before 'Replace Piping', select 'Piping Cleaning'

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According to the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs), as of the end of 2017, the total number of buildings in the nation was 7,125,526. Of these, the number of buildings over 30 years after completion is 2,612,702 in the whole country, accounting for 36.5% of the total.

Concrete structures can withstand more than 100 years, but the life span of pipelines is less than one-third of them. Therefore, as long as many buildings are not demolished, they are managing the old pipes through construction such as replacement of pipes and rehabilitation.



Replacement of piping is costly in terms of cost, but it is known to be difficult because of the difficulty of construction and various civil complaints, resulting in high social costs.

On the other hand, pipe cleaning is a preemptive measure to diagnose and solve future problems by cleaning and protecting the pipe at low cost.

In recent years, awareness of water has increased, and many people are improving water quality through pipe cleaning. Clean Water System Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee, Myung-Joo) proposed a new corrosion inhibiting system (CWS-series) with piping cleaning using new method to solve these problems and to help efficient piping management.

Clean water proposed by Clean Water does not simply spray high pressure or use chemical chemicals but uses patented technology (Patent No. 10-1567560) to combine shock waves of water pressure and air bubbles to prevent rupture of old pipes But effectively removes rust and scale.

The CWS-series is a water treatment system that can effectively manage water, rust, scale and leaks, which are the main problems of piping corrosion, and it can reduce the cost of replacing pipes.

The third generation "neodymium" magnetic material is installed in the inside of the piping so that the water passing through the equipment can be magnetized to activate the water softening effect and the function of purified water, ionized water and weak alkaline water.

The "neodymium" magnetic body has a 2% magnetic reduction rate in 100 years, so it can be used semi-permanently once installed, and has the advantage of no maintenance cost because there is no filter.

The CWS-series is registered with the National Land Agency of the Public Procurement Service and is also supplied to large corporations such as domestic public institutions, POSCO E & C and Nexen Tires. It is also registered as an agricultural water treatment system and addresses the problems of farmers due to ground water.

A company official said, "In recent years, we have been asking for import contracts in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and we are looking at globalization beyond the domestic market." KLINWATER SYSTEM currently provides training courses on pipe cleaning and rehabilitation for entrepreneurs, It also has a system to help you get started easily. "

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